eLaurus | Curriculum

eLaurus Curriculum designed to nurture:

Scientific Awareness

Gain a deep understanding of a variety of scientific topics!

Listening Ability

Develop comprehension skills!

Reading Proficiency

Read our original books together with our narrators!

Speaking Confidence

Listen and repeat modelled language!

Writing Skills

Develop fine motor skills!

Hundreds of engaging activities!

Engage your child in a wide range of topics while enhancing their language skills with our innovative eLaurus resources.

Through our Topics Pathways, young learners can develop a deeper understanding of the world while exploring a wide range of interesting subjects. Introduce your young learner to letter sounds with our fun and interactive phonics pathway. Improve reading fluency, comprehension, and pronunciation with our Laurus Early Reading Project.
Science Units
Videos! Books! Crafts! STEM Projects! Worksheets! Games! Vocabulary Builder! Level 1
  • 24 units on a wide range of topics:
Animals and bugs, food, fruit and our bodies, nature & space, seasonal units and many more!
Level 2
  • 24 units focussing on:
Creatures on land and in the ocean, our environment and sustainability, various engineering fields, plants and new technologies and other important topics.
Chants! Videos! Digital Tracing & Painting! Games! Worksheets! Vocabulary Builder!
  • Introduction to the most common letter sounds!
  • 24 units including review units!
  • Prepare your child for reading and writing in English!
Reading Projects
Narrated Books!
  • Improve reading fluency, comprehension, and pronunciation!
  • 60 engaging narrated books available!
  • Listen, repeat, and learn together with your child!

Innovative content created by our in-house curriculum team

Based on the latest educational methodology and our own experiences teaching in the classroom, we have created an e-learning platform tailored to the specific needs and interests of young learners.

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